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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Most people have defined goals in their lives- buying a new house, sending your children or grandchildren to college or leaving a legacy for their heirs to name a few. Unfortunately, many don’t have a plan to achieve these goals. At Peabody Wealth Advisors, we say that there is no time better than the present to start planning! We will help you to define what is important to you and create a game plan that allows you to take control of your own future! With a well-designed, comprehensive Financial Plan, we strive to set you on the path to get the maximum enjoyment out of the money you have worked so hard to save.

One thing we have learned with all of our years of experience is that investment returns are unpredictable and outside our control. In our opinion, trying to “time the market” is a fool’s game and having a comprehensive and fluid financial plan is the most important exercise you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll enjoy a positive outcome. Our team believes the only way to make consistently wise decisions is through a financial plan that fully addresses your goals and objectives.

Speaking of goals and objectives- Have you thought what these might be? The most common concern our clients present to us is “Do I have enough money to retire?” While on the surface that may seem to be the most important question, we dig deeper to get to questions that may be even more important, such as “What am I going to do in retirement” or “What if one or both of us have health issues early retirement”. The answer to these questions can be the most important ones you answer.

Financial Planning includes advice that addresses many areas of your financial situation, such as tax planning, risk management, estate planning, retirement planning, education funding, investment portfolio design and ongoing investment management.

One of the areas in which we stand out from our competitors is that you are under no obligation to implement any of the recommendations made by our firm at our firm. You can implement the plan wherever you would like- we would obviously prefer you work with our firm, we strongly believe we provide a superior client experience and access to world class money managers. However, we also realize many clients would like to separate the advice from the implementation to help mitigate conflicts of interest, so we strive to deliver our services the way that serves our clients best and how they would like the services delivered to them.

Our consultative process is designed to accomplish three things:

  • Help you identify and make incremental steps toward pursuing your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.
  • Provide guidance, forecasting and planning recommendations throughout the year.
  • Give you the fortitude to maintain your discipline regardless of changing market cycles.

Planning the future you dream of should be an enjoyable process, and it all starts with taking that first step. Contact us today to get started with your plan!