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Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

As an employer, you care about the people who help make your business what it is. As a financial services firm, Peabody Wealth Advisors can provide the tools to help guide your loyal employees on the path to a profitable retirement.

Ensuring that your workforce is properly prepared for retirement is one of the sincerest ways to demonstrate gratitude for their years of steadfast service to your company. Here at Peabody Wealth Advisors, we offer interactive and engaging programs to employers, so that they can better equip members of their team to retire on time, and with enough money to enjoy this well-deserved period of life.

In-Person Interactive Planning Strategies

Workplace Financial Wellness is the premier retirement planning initiative that will provide your employees with a clear retirement strategy. Rather than pulling out an antiquated road map and fumbling to find clear direction, Workplace Financial Wellness through Peabody Wealth Advisors is like a state-of-the-art GPS smartphone application. Your employees will see every turn in their retirement plan miles before it approaches, and will have a clear sense of what life after retirement actually looks like.

Workplace Financial Wellness will equip your entire company with strategy-oriented steps that aim to prepare them for a better retirement. Through online planning, in-person education with a Peabody Wealth Advisors certified financial planner, and clear directives that strive to empower a fruitful retirement - your workforce may be better positioned for a lifetime of secure happiness.

Along with live educational workshops lead by a CFP®, your employees will have 24/7 access to online financial planning support, monthly financial newsletters, and an hour of in-person individual plan review with a CFP® from Peabody Wealth Advisors. Given the chance to engage your employees and help your business simultaneously - why wouldn’t you?

Online Retirement Guidance

Here at Peabody Wealth Advisors, we are proud to offer a range of options to companies that are looking to guide their employees on a clear path to retirement. Employers who aren’t able to commit to in-person financial retirement planning for their staff can integrate myMoneyGuide® into their workforce with ease.

Rather than host in-person seminars at the office, myMoneyGuide® provides guided online planning tools that each of your employees can explore on their own, and at their preferred pace. Helpful planning advice is a simple click or email away, and all private information is kept secure and at the ready for when it’s needed most.

myMoneyGuide® will encourage your employees to identify their retirement goals, explore variables such as spending less and saving more, and test their plan for the unexpected. Gift your entire staff with more time for fun, less time for stress, and the confidence knowing that their path to a successful retirement is all-clear.

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Peabody Wealth Advisors is proud to offer Workplace Financial Wellness, and myMoneyGuide® as programs and tools that aim to help business owners equip their teams for a well-planned, successful retirement.

Leave the outdated paper and plastic roadmaps where they belong - in the past. Join us in the future of workforce retirement planning with these intuitive, interactive, and empowering tools.